Thursday, September 27, 2012


This summer the flowers were inspiring at the farmers market in West Tisbury.  So yes there are more flowers spilling from my brush. My watercolor palette is awash in every hue.

I am also liking this smaller size at the moment..........10 x 13.....I am able to focus on seed pods

                                                         VIRGINIA BLUEBELL
                                                VIRGINIA BLUEBELL ( painted in orange, an artists license)

I am obviously having fun with the decorative shapes of the flowers and seed pods, so why not play
with the color as well. Below is a closer look at the details.

the moths are soooo graphic

ROSA RUGOSA and lovely seed pods

CLEMATIS  with funny seed pods


This is the most beautiful of flowers. Went to the farmers market with a dear friend and we both fell head over heels in love with pale pink LYSIANTHUS.

Will close with a few insects to end this new series.

They all measure 10 x 13 ..........the framed prints are 210.00 each     Hope you enjoyed seeing them.